Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson Suicide

About a week has passed since Thompson offed himself. This clearly shouldn't be a surprise to anyone familiar with the man, considering his massive intake of alcohol and drugs virtually every day of his life for the past forty plus years. I've often had a libertarian stance in the past when it came to substance abuse, but I've since revised my point of view. In the past, I felt that what a person put into their body was their business, and that drugs should be legalized. I've changed my point of view on this because there is no way that anyone could indulge in the destruction of their mind and body without affecting other people around them. If it were the case that druggies and alcoholics would go away to some far off place and shoot or drink themselves up without impeding the lives of their friends and loved ones, I might still be sypathetic to the libertarian line. But that never is the case, and as a result, family and friends suffer greatly when someone slips down into that hole. Why I bring this up is because Thompson, whilst under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol, put a bullet in his skull while his six-year-old grandson was in the next room. Of course, as Thompson was a counter-culture hero, this fact was buried or just plain omitted. I've never been a fan of Thompson's writing; I find it self-indulgent and generally useless. I have plenty of friends of mine (and fans of his) that would disagree with me. Fair enough. But what is indisputable is that Thompson went out like a chump, and he, in all likelihood, caused permanent psychological damage to a six-year-old boy. What a loser.

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Stefan said...

a comment almost 3 years late, i realize and apologize for my untimely fashion. couldnt resist commenting though.
i was thrown off very early on by a statement."This clearly shouldn't be a surprise...considering his massive intake of alcohol and drugs"
ive recently very frustrated with the popularity of similar attitudes; cause of [insert harmfull effect] was substance abuse. in this case, effect=suicide. or in plain english, he killed himself because he was a druggy and alcy.
lets see if i can explain where im coming from a little bit. lets say, satisfaction and contentment are the death of a certain type of progression/evolution/growth. you sound pretty satisfied with your analysis of his motive for suicide. thus, no need for further analyze. well lets say maybe there was a different problem that contributed to the end result that couldve been corrected if those around him recognized the problem. if people like you recognized the problem. with all due respect, if you are wrong, from your statement above i feel like you would be too content and unquestioning to realize how.
from the rest of your thoughts, i can guess that you would like to see as many problems in this world resolved as possible, just as i would. if our striving is not apparently reaching the desired ends though, i think we must stop and re-evaluate our understanding of these "problems" of the world.
thanks for your time.